Ready Golf

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Ready golf:

The “Ready Golf” rules are used to speed up the pace of playing a round of golf. It refers to the entire hole: tee, green, fairway, etc.

The traditional order of hitting the ball in a round of golf is based on two principles:

  • On the teeHonors (best player strikes first)
  • Off the tee – Distance from the hole (the player furthest from the hole plays first)

Basic rules of Ready Golf:

  • Each player should be ready to make a shot as soon as possible.
  • If the player who should hit the ball according to the traditional rules is not yet ready, then someone else should hit first.
  • If another player’s ball is lost, the player hits his own ball then helps look for the lost ball.
  • If it is not necessary to lift the ball on the green, the player makes the short putt without marking the ball.

Ready Golf” means being ready to play, not playing when you’re ready.

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