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Updated Handicap Index calculator

Until recently, our calculators for calculating the WHS Handicap Index and Initial Handicap did not accept values of the entered Score Differentials less than 1.0. The reason was the limitations

Visitors in 2021

Hello, I am pleased to inform that in 2021 the website was visited by over 100,000 golfers from 166 countries. Thank you very much to all visitors. I will

Unit conversion

Sometimes golf calculations require measure unit conversion. This is due to the habits of users and the tradition that dominates in individual countries and regions of the world. Converting always

Playing Handicap in Match Play

The calculation of Playing Handicap in Match Play is distinct from the handicap in Stroke Play. A short description of these rules and a simple calculator should clear up most

Golf calculators

Hello golfer, please use the main MENU or “Search” box to find golf calculators or topics that are most interesting to you in golf. The menu in the right sidebar gives

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