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What are unit converters needed for?

People all around the world are using different units of measurement. The oldest systems come from Mesopotamia and Egypt. Since then the mankind have developed hundreds of different measurement units. Some of them are still in use today. In continental Europe, metric units are most often used, while in Great Britain and the USA, the imperial (British) system is the most popular. This includes many units of distance, speed, mass, temperature, and more.

Imperial and metric length units - unit converters


Differences in the measurement units used sometimes make life difficult and, in extreme cases lead to serious problems. For example, in 1999 NASA Mars Climate Orbiter was destroyed by accident caused by incorrect information about the force value (newton vs pound force).

Even if you are not NASA engineer, how many times did an unknown units prevent you from fully understanding the text you are reading? Perhaps the most popular challenge in the world of golf is hole length. In some regions distances are expressed in yards, in others in meters. The temperatures in the weather forecast are given in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. In practice, each golfer had to recalculate the measurement units at least once.

For this reason, we have prepared our conversion tools. With these simple and fast calculators, anyone can easily juggle different types of units. In addition, there are other conversion tools, such as the Angle Unit Converter, which includes some trigonometric functions.

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update: March 2022