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New golf glossary

The new form of the unified golf glossary is now available in the Glossary tab. Currently, the glossary contains over 300 entries and will be further expanded. Many descriptions are complemented by illustrations. The dictionary is also equipped with the functionality of tooltips boxes, displayed when hovering over the dictionary entries used in any text

Updated Handicap Index calculator

Until recently, our calculators for calculating the WHS Handicap Index and Initial Handicap did not accept values of the entered Score Differentials less than 1.0. The reason was the limitations of the conversion tools used.   Now, after some changes, the calculators take the full range of entered values. The only limitation is the reasonable

New golf club length limit in 2022

The Equipment Rules allow clubs to be played no more than 48 inches (121.9 cm) long. This restriction does not apply to putters. From the January 2022, the USGA and the R&A introduced a new Model Local Rule G-10.  This rule allows (but NOT OBLIGES) the Committee to limit the maximum length of a club

Visitors in 2021

Hello, I am pleased to inform that in 2021 the website was visited by over 100,000 golfers from 166 countries. Thank you very much to all visitors. I will continue to try to keep the information presented interesting and useful. In 2022, I wish you good health and lots of golf time.  

Unit conversion

Sometimes golf calculations require measure unit conversion. This is due to the habits of users and the tradition that dominates in individual countries and regions of the world. Converting always requires knowledge of formulas and conversion factors. The calculators available on Unit Converters subpage convert various units of measurement: metric imperial others Some converters are

Golf club length – Compare the four fitting methods

The correct length of the golf club is essential for playing comfort and hitting the ball effectively. Naturally, the most effective method of determining the length is a dynamic fitting by a specialist. However, for most amateurs, computational matching is sufficient. The Length Fitting subpage provides the description and calculator for four different methods of