Operating range of golf rangefinder

The actual range of measuring the distance to the flag is the basic parameter of every golf rangefinder. All other functions are more or less useful, but cannot be used if the flag is out of range of the rangefinder. Therefore, I tested the measurement range without paying attention to other device properties. The selection of tested models was quite random – these were the ones I had available.

I performed the test in sunny weather and good air transparency on three targets: rangefinder, pinseeker, reflective tape, golf flag

  • a standard polyester golf flag on a typical metal pole without any reflective elements
  • typical metal flag pole with a strip of yellow 3M DG3 reflective tape, 55mm wide (photo on the right),
  • typical metal flag pole with IFM infrared reflector 48x48mm

The background of the target were large trees approximately 220 yards (200 meters) behind the target.


I tested the following rangefinders in nearest visible target detection mode.

  1. Nikon Coolshot 20 (Note: not 20GII or 20GIII)
  2. Crivit – Lidl’s own brand
  3. Hawkray Golf RF – purchased on Amazon
  4. Qubel 1200 – purchased on Amazon
  5. Bushnell PinSeeker 1500

golf rangefinder nikon, crivit, qubel, bushnell pinseeker

The results can be seen in the table below. The greatest distance measured is 960 yards (880 meters). I haven’t found a longer section of the golf course without hills, trees and bushes obstructing visibility. In practice, measuring longer distances is usually not necessary during a round of golf.


operating range of golf rangefinder golf rangefinders