Update to the Rules of Handicapping 2024

In January 2024, the update to the Rules of Handicapping 2024 enters into force. Compared to the previous version from 2000, several changes and additional explanations have been introduced.

The most important changes for a player are:

  1. New formula for Score Differential calculation for handicap purposes from 9-hole rounds. The new Score Differential will be slightly bigger than before. You can see the comparison here: Score Differential.
  2. Reduced minimum length of the course that can be rated. The minimum length is now 750 yards (686 meters) for 9 holes and 1,500 yards (1,372 meters) for 18 holes. As a result, many par 3 / Pitch&Put courses can be rated and the scores can be used to update the player’s Handicap Index. The current list of rated courses in Poland can be found here: Rated Golf Courses in Poland. The list will, of course, be updated in 2024.
  3. Detailed guidelines for annual and occasional handicap review by Club Handicap Committees have also been specified.
  4. The formulas for calculating the Course Handicap and Playing Handicap has been unified all over the world. From 2024, the calculations in Great Britain and Ireland will be identical to those used so far in continental Europe and the USA.

Other changes and additions in the Rules of Handicapping 2024 are less important for everyday play and related calculations.

A summary and links to the current versions of the Handicap Rules for different countries (and languages) is available on the “Handicapping” subpage here.