Initial Handicap Index

To attain the first Handicap Index (Initial Handicap Index) in Europe, a player must submit at least one score of round over 18 holes or 9 holes. On other continents it is minimum three 18-hole scores. For these rounds the beginner receives 3 handicap strokes on each hole (54 on 18-hole round and 27 on 9-hole round).

For handicap purposes the number of strokes is adjusted by applying the limit of par+5 strokes on each played hole (maximum hole score).

Such Adjusted Gross Scores of played rounds are converted to Score Differentials, that are registered in the scoring record of this player. The Score Differentials are expressed as numbers taken to one decimal place.

The initial Handicap Index is calculated below on the basis of submitted Score Differentials. The maximum value of Handicap Index is 54,0.




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update: April 2020