Stroke Play, Stableford and Par Calculator

The calculator below computes Stroke Play, Stableford and Par Competition scores (gross and net) of  a played hole for any course.

The value of Course Handicap / Playing Handicap is needed for net score calculation. The Playing Handicap is used to award player with a number of handicap strokes.


Calculate Course and Playing Handicap for single player

Calculate Playing Handicap for 2-person team


To calculate the score of the hole just enter the Playing Handicap and scorecard data for the hole²parStroke Index (abbreviation on score card: SI, HCP or HDCP) and gross score (number of strokes). If the Playing Handicap is 0 (zero) the calculator displays gross score. If you enter any other value the calculator displays net score.


The score of the round is the sum of the scores achieved on all holes.


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update: September 2021