Glossary – golf acronyms, abbreviations and symbols

Glossary of golf acronyms, abbreviations and symbols relating to golf clubs, score, handicapping and others. Items are listed alphabetically.

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3W – Wood no 3 (5W, 7W etc. respectively)


4H – Hybrid no 4 (5H, 6H etc. respectively)


5I – Iron no 5 (6I, 7I etc. respectively)


AGC – Abnormal Ground Conditions


AS, A/S – All Square


AW – Approach Wedge


BBGM – Bottom of Bore to Ground line Measurement


CBA – Computed Buffer Adjustment


CG – Center of Gravity


COR – Coefficient of Restitution


CR – Course Rating


DW – Dual Wedge


DZ – Dropping Zone


EEven Par


EDS – Extra Day Score


EGA – European Golf Association


GIR – Green in Regulation


GUR – Ground Under Repair


GW – Gap Wedge


HCP, HCAP, HNCP – Handicap


LW – Lob Wedge


MOI – Moment of Inertia


NBP – Natural Bending Position


NCNo Card


NPZNo Play Zone


NRNo Return


NSNo Show


OB, OOB – Out of Bounds


PAPenalty Area


PCC  Playing Conditions Calculation


PW – Pitching Wedge


R & A – Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews


SI – Stroke Index


SR – Slope Rating


STB – Stableford


SW – Sand Wedge or Swingweight


USGA – United States Golf Association




WHSWorld Handicap System


WTF – Wrist to Floor



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