Grip size

The grip is a component of the golf club where player places his hands. The diameter of the grip is very important for comfort and accuracy of the stroke, so it has to be fit to the golfer’s hands.

Grip of the golf club


The diameter of the grip, which is already installed on the shaft, is measured at a point two inches down from the edge of the grip cap – see picture below.

grip size diameter

Usually male golfers use “standard” grips and female golfers use “ladies” grips. But in many cases it isn’t the best solution.

Different golfers have different dimensions of palms and different length of fingers. The grip should be the right size, so all grips (excluding putter’s grip) should be matched to golfer’s hand – left hand for righty golfer and right hand for lefty golfer.

There is the rule of thumb for determining whether a grip is the right size:
Look at the hand normally gripping the club. If the fingertips of your two middle fingers just touch your palm, the grip is the right size. If they dig into the palm it’s too small, and if they miss the palm it’s too big.

It could also be done more precisely using the calculator of right grip diameter on the next page.

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 update: January 2017