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Golf club

The golf club consists of three main components: the head, the shaft and the grip. A ferrule is an aesthetic element, used to mask the joint between the head and the shaft.

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The grip is the part of the golf club that connects the club to the golfer’s hands. According to the rules of golf, the grip has to be round, but there are various sizes and models of grips to accommodate different hand sizes and grip styles. The material (rubber, polymer or leather) and design (color and surface with small holes, grooves or ridges) of the grip are a matter of personal preference. More details and configurator of the right grip diameter you can find here.

Grip ew

Gripcap grip of the golf club



The shaft of the golf club connects the grip to the head and, like  the grip, must be basically round in cross section. Shafts are made of steel, graphite or a carbon-fiber and resin composite. As in grips, shaft material tends to be a personal preference.

The attribute of the shaft is its flex (stiffness). It refers to the ability of a golf shaft to bend as forces are applied to it during the golf swing. Shaft flex is determined by a golfer’s swing speed or his shot carry distance (with a driver or 5-iron).

Generally there is no standard within the golf industry for governing shaft stiffness or flex, but there are five commonly used ratings for shaft flex: Extra Stiff (the stiffest), Stiff, Regular, Senior and Ladies (the most flexible), usually denoted by the letters: X, S, R, A and L. Sometimes Senior flex is designated as M (Mature / Medium), Stiff as F (Firm) an Extra Stiff as T (Tour).

Tip and butt of the shaft

Golf club head

The head is the most complex part of the club, where the energy of the swing is transferred to the golf ball. There is a lot of variations in the appearance of golf club heads, but all heads have three the most important parts: the hosel (connects head to the shaft), the face (actually strikes the ball) and the sole (part closest to the ground)

The pictures below show the typical head of an iron and a wood.

Iron head - face

Iron head - toe

Wood head


There are a number of parameters / attributes of the golf club. The next pages describe how to measure and fit the basic parameters of the club. Please use links below or right MENU to go to the required item.


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