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Adjusted Gross Score

Rules of Handicapping state that “A score for handicap purposes should not be overly influenced by one or two bad hole scores, which are not reflective of a player’s demonstrated ability.” So, for handicap purposes, the number of strokes scored on each hole is adjusted as following:

  • the maximum hole score is limited to net double bogey on each played hole
  • for adjustment purposes the maximum Course Handicap is limited to 54
  • if number of strokes on a hole exceeds net double bogey the score is adjusted to net double bogey
  • if a player starts the hole but does not hole out the score is set as net double bogey

If a player submits the score before his Handicap Index is obtained (there is no net double bogey value) the limit of par+5 is used for above adjustment of score on each played hole.

As the result of above adjustment a player receives the value of Adjusted Gross Score which is converted to Score Differential, that is registered in the scoring record of this player.

The calculator below is not yet prepared for GB&I players (“Course Rating Minus Par” effect applied). It will be adapted  and modified soon.



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update: April 2020

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