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The EGA Handicapis the EGA’s (European Golf Association) designation of “the relative golfing ability of a player, on a course of standard relative playing difficulty”. It is expressed as a number taken to one decimal place (handicap lower than 36), and as a whole number (handicap between 36 and 54), to a maximum value of 54.

The player must have only one EGA Handicap which applies everywhere where the EGA Handicap System applies.


Different EGA Handicaps

The EGA Handicap System defines also additional terms related to the “handicap”:

  • The “EGA Playing Handicap” (= Playing Handicap) is the number of handicap strokes a player receives for a specific set of tees at the course being played. The playing handicap is calculated from the EGA Handicap using the EGA Playing Handicap Formula. The playing handicap is expressed as a whole number.
  • The “Handicap Allowance” is the number of handicap strokes a player receives in a handicap competition. It is the percentage of the playing handicap determined by the Committee. The handicap allowance is considered to be the “number of strokes received” referred to in Rule 6-2 of the Rules of Golf.
  • The “Initial EGA Handicap” is the first EGA handicap of the specific golfer in EGA Handicap System. It is allotted by his handicap committee on the basis of returned at least one Stableford score over 18 holes or 9 holes.
  • The “Handicap Stroke” is a stroke that a player is entitled to deduct from his gross score.


The EGA Handicap Calculators

Online calculators of “handicaps” values are available at the following subpages. Please select appropriate link below or tab on the right menu.

Initial Handicap – calculation of Initial EGA Handicap for golfer without an EGA Handicap attained.

Handicap Adjustment – calculation of new EGA Handicap after the qualifying score returned.

Playing Handicap / Allowance – calculation of Playing Handicap and Handicap Allowance of the player for singles and Four-ball (Better-ball) competitions.

Handicap Allowance of Side – calculation of Handicap Allowance of the 2-player team for Foursomes, Greensomes and Texas Scramble competitions.


All calculations meet rules of  EGA Handicap System 2016-2019.


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EGA Handicap System 2016-2019 (download)


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