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Length fitting

There are two ways to fit for length – a static fit and a dynamic fit.


Dynamic Length Fitting

A dynamic fit, one that is performed while the player swings the club, is more precise. The goal is to find the length that creates the best athletic set-up, the best motion, and that maximizes distance and accuracy. There are no calculation – just swing trials, observations and corrections.


Static Length Fitting

A static fit utilizes measuring techniques and some calculations. It’s a less precise, but quicker and easier and it gives a player basic comfort in stance and posture. It is also the good starting point for further swing analysis and dynamic fit.

The static fit is based on two measurements of the golfers body. The first step is to measure the height and the distance from wrist to floor (WtF), as it is shown on the picture.

WtF measurement

The second step is entry the measurement results into the calculator below. It will display the recommended combinations of length and lie corrections in relation to the standard factory values.

Traditionally the nominal (factory) length of the women’s club is shorter than the men’s club by one inch, so please check the gender of the original club appropriately.


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update: July 2016

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