Grip fitting

The traditional way to fit the right grip size is based on two measurements of the glove hand – left hand for righty golfers and right hand for lefty golfers.

The first step is to measure the length of hand and the length of the middle finger, as it is shown on the picture.

Measurement of a golfer's hand dimensions


The second step is entry the measurement results into the calculator below. It will display the recommended diameter of the grip.


Then enter the expected diameter of the grip (calculated above or other) and the butt diameter of the shaft.

See where to measure the butt diameter

The configurator automatically displays available combinations of the grip type and number of double-sided tape layers, which allows to obtain calculated grip diameter. Calculations are based on average parameters of the most popular grips and tapes. However, due to the lack of standarization, measure the diameter of the installed grip and apply a correction if it is needed.



Please remember:

  • each grip model is described by core size, seen as a 2-digit number on the underside of the mouth of the grip (e.g. 58 = 0,580”) and the grip type, specified on the grip cap:
    – ladies (undersize -1/16’)
    – standard (could be not specified)
    – midsize (oversize +1/16”)
    – jumbo (oversize +1/8”)
    Both parameters are important in the grip fitting.
  • shafts can range in butt diameter (usually from 0,58” to 0,62”)
  • extra layers of double-sided grip tape (0.015” each layer) can be replaced by a number of layers of standard masking tape, but paper masking tapes are made with a thickness between 0,003” and 0,005”. Hence, each layer of masking tape wrapped around the shaft increases the shaft diameter by 0,006” – 0,010”. Check the thickness of your masking tape before such replacement.

photo of double sided grip tape …
photo of masking tape …

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update: February 2021