Swingweight adjustment

The swingweight of the already assembled golf club could be adjusted in several ways. It could be done by increasing (or decreasing):

Usually the weight of the club head is increased by applying a lead tape on the head back or around the hosel or by adding lead or tungsten weight in the tip of the shaft. Reducing is not so easy and it could be done by drilling the head (usually back of the head) or by drilling the bottom of the hosel bore.

There are known rules of thumb which determine relationship between the swingweight and attributes of the components of golf club:

  • 2 additional grams of head weight increases swingweight by 1 point
  • 1 additional inch of length increases swingweight by 6 points

In fact, the exact values depend on the weight and dimensions of the components of the club. The calculator below computes more precisely the adjusted swingweight after applying weight and length corrections.



From the arithmetical point of view the swingweight could be also adjusted by changing the weight of grip (5 grams reduces swingweight by1 point). In practise such operation has very limited impact on MOI of the club and it isn’t good idea to use grip (or butt) weight to adjust heft of the club, so it isn’t computed in the calculator.

Swingweight adjustment - length of the golf club


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update: October 2021