Swingweight units conversion

The calculator converts the various Swingweight units used in Lorythmic and Official scales. It also converts Swingweight from Lorythmic units to Official ones and vice versa.

It includes the basic Swingweight units:

  • alphanumeric symbol (letter+digit) in the Lorythmic scale and
  • “ounces” in the Official scale

The calculator converts also other physical units derived from the metric and imperial systems in both scales:

  • grams-centimeters (g*cm)
  • kilograms-centimeters (kg*cm)
  • grams-inches (g*in)
  • ounces-inches (oz*in)
  • pounds-inches (lb*in)

In addition, the calculator allows to convert Swingweight in newtons (N, SI unit). These are units of force that must be applied to the butt of the club to keep the club balanced at the fulcrum.


More information on the Swingweight of the golf club is available on the Swingweight subpage.

golf club swingweight units converter in lorythmic and official scale


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update: October 2021