Stroke Play

Stroke Play is form of competition and scoring system in which the total strokes taken during the round (or rounds) are added together to give a cumulative score. In stroke play, every side (player or team) competes all holes and counts the total number of strokes and the side with the lower total score wins.

In a handicap competition the side with the lower net score (number of strokes minus the playing handicap) wins.

The final stroke play score is expressed in a total number of strokes (e.g. 69, 74) or alternatively as the difference between a total number of strokes and the course par (e.g. -3, +2). A negative result means that the achieved score is lower (better) than the par.

Beside the number of strokes, the stroke play round may be scored in a few other official formats:

Net and Gross Stroke Play score, Stableford points and Par Competition points calculator is available here:

Stroke Play score calculator


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