Match Play Score Calculator

The calculator below computes Match Play score of a played hole for any course.

The values of Playing Handicap of both sides are needed for the net calculation. The Playing Handicap is used to award the weaker side with a proper number of handicap strokes per hole.

handicap strokes and handicap index in match play

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In WHS for UK and Ireland a player competing from a set of tees with a different CR/par than other players receives more or fewer strokes for the round, depending on the difference between the CRs/pars. Therefore, for golfers competing in GB&I there is a separate calculator with the appropriate adjustment in the Playing Handicap calculation.


To calculate the score of the hole just enter the values of Playing Handicaps and scorecard data for the holeStroke Index of the hole (abbreviation on score card: SI, HCP or HDCP) and gross scores (numbers of strokes) of both sides.

If the both values of Playing Handicap are 0 (zero) the calculator displays gross score. If you enter any other values the calculator displays net score.


The score of the round is the sum of the scores collected on all holes.

The universal match play calculator computing the result of a round of golf played on any course in Match Play format is available here:

Match Play score calculator


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Update: September 2022